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EUSR Categories 3, 4 & 5 - Install, Inspect & Remove Timber, Steel and Proprietary Excavation Support Systems

Learners will become familiarised with the necessity for identifying various ground conditions, and will come to understand a variety of methods for utilising the appropriate ground retention system(s). 

This course also includes practical training and assessments while installing ground support systems in a live dig environment with a specific temporary works designs.

Course Objectives:

•Identify the dangers and hazards associated with working in excavations

•Differentiate between soil types and conditions

•Recognise suitable ground retention systems

•Carry out risk assessments unique to excavations

•Recognise the hazards, and implement control measures for those hazards

•Be able to safely install, inspect, and remove timber, steel and proprietary shoring equipment with practical experience in doing so

•Interpret specific temporary works designs

The course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.


•EUSR photo id card with qualification stated on the back of the card 

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