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EUSR Category 1 - Locate Utility Services

The course includes both theoretical and practical training and assessments, in order to increase the knowledge required to safely detect buried utility services.

Often referred to as HSG47 or Cat & Genny training this course is mapped to both EUSR and National Occupational Standards.

Course objectives

•Underground legislation and guidance pertaining to underground services. Examples are:   HSG47, HSWA 1974, HSG150, EUSMUNC06 and EUSEPUS044

•Interpret utility drawings and line search documents

•Demonstrate usage of Cable Avoidance Tool (Cat & Genny) in order to locate metallic utility   services

•Demonstrate usage of a Sonde and flexitrace for detection in non-metallic services

•Identify the dangers and hazards associated with carrying out ground survey detection

•Understand the limitations of underground cable avoidance tools and associated drawings

•Understand the costs of utility 'strikes' to contractors, stakeholders and wider society.

The one day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.


•EUSR photo id card with qualification stated on back of card.

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